Thursday, February 4, 2010

Special Moments at the Abner Adams House

* A lady from Houston appeared at our door the first week we opened. She said she lived here with her Grandfather (the Rev. Howard, for which our street was named) when she was eight years old. She stayed as a guest the following night
recalling many stories of the house, circa 1935.

* A guest from Arizona, soon after opening, was staying 4 nights to visit family. By the 4th night she called home saying, "I love it here, can I stay 4 more nights?" and she did.

* Many New York City area guests have enjoyed the tranquility of the Abner Adams House park-like setting while relaxing in the gardens or on the benches in the nature trails.

*Runners and bikers have stayed at AAH, planning on waking early for some exercise before breakfast. Many finding it too difficult to leave the bed, barely making it up in time to reach the Dining Room for breakfast. So much for exercise!

*Murder Mystery Dinners. Our first dinner brought a reunion of three sisters to AAH. After a weekend of fun and relaxation, 'the girls' have been back twice since and are booked again in the near future. Their last visit was with their daughters, booking the whole Inn.

*Breakfast Requests! Many significant others have requested "more breakfasts like this when we get home!"

*The guest 'Keeping Room'. The guest area which offers relaxation with overstuffed furniture with TV, movies, games, books, and tourist literature. All for the pleasure of our guests.

*Champaign Hot Air Bubble Tubs. Many guests have inquired as to where they can buy these luxury tubs for their homes. Also inquiries for the sauna-like steam shower of the Escape.

*Many of our wine trail enthusiasts hit the Canandaigua Wine Trail one day, the Keuka Wine Trail and a few on to the Seneca Wine Trail the day after. Their trunks full of boxes of wine. Where's the luggage?

*Wine Trail guests enjoy returning late in the afternoon and taking a bottle of wine with AAH wine glasses, heading to our nature trails to sit on the benches and relax beneath the trees.

*Our golf package couples often leave with promise of bringing friends next summer to join them at another of our many quality, regional golf courses.

*History buffs marvel at the construction of this circa 1810, Federal Style home. Some enjoying the historic connection of AAH to the Erie Canal, accented by a boat trip on the Colonial Belle.

*Nature lovers who vow to return to enjoy more of the many trails, parks, and lakes. All a short drive from Abner Adams House B & B.

*Scrapbookers. It's fun to share in the commeradery of the groups that gather to book the entire Inn for the weekend. Often regretting they had to leave on Sunday.

*A German couple arriving at our door on one Monday afternoon and asked to see our rooms in order to possibly stay one night. They left after 3 nights!

*One busy Summer morning with a Dining Room full of guests, a businessman stated, 'after staying here, why do I spend so much time staying in hotels?"

*Plein Air Painters. One of our most enjoyable weekends was shared with a group of artists that rented the whole Inn. It seems that they must have painted every room, building, garden,tree, and more throughout the property. Certainly a fun experience for all, which we hope will be enjoyed again.

*Unusual coincidence. On one Friday night in May '2007', we had a couple stay with us from Las, Nevada, at the same time guests arrived from Henderson, Nevada. We were certain they must have been traveling together. They arrived hundreds of miles East to Bloomfield, N.Y., on that same night and we discovered they did not know each other!

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