Saturday, August 20, 2011

Creative Proposal

We have had many engagements happen at Abner Adams House, but this was the first time that a guest asked us to help. Joe called a few days before his arrival telling us that he was intending to propose to Nicole, and wanted to do something different and memorable, but needed some help. He asked if we could create a scavenger hunt for her. Those of you that know us and our property, know that this is something that we loved to get involved with. So, after breakfast we asked them if they had taken the time to walk through our woods and trails, and that we wanted to encourage guest to do that more, so we came up with a short scavenger hunt to guide them through. Nicole thought that sounded like a great idea. Good thing, because if she had said, no, it would have taken a little more persuasion on Joe's part.

We gave them an envelope with the first clue, such as follow Sophie's Sweep to the first intersection and find the troll door. There was a new envelope there. We created 8 stops along the paths to the last one that was sitting in 1 dozen long stem red roses. She found it and still had no clue what was happening until she opened it to read "Will you Marry Me", then turned around to find Joe on his knee with ring in hand!!! She was very surprised and very happy. And Joe was very relieved. He was very excited and very nervous all in one.....and She did say YES!

We love being Innkeepers and this is just all part of the fun and memories.

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